Barstool Sports on Social Media

By: Kate Wroblewski

When thinking about brands that have a unique voice on social media, Barstool Sports is one of the first ones that came to mind. I am not a fan of them, but even I can recognize how well they speak directly to their audience. With podcasts, Instagram accounts, celebrity endorsements, and merchandise; their fans are hooked. Barstool knows exactly what kind of people interact with their brand, and tailor their content to fit them. Their presence on Instagram includes a lot of posting raunchier memes, which is directly targeted at their mid-20 year old audience. They also post a lot of spinoffs on modern day events, which keeps up with the trends on the internet. They know what their audience likes, and thinks is funny, so they keep posting it. They have used their voice so well on social media, that their fans are die-hard for them. The amount of college students that have Barstool Sports flags up in their college dorms or apartments are ridiculous. These college students are basically walking billboards with all the sweatshirts and t-shirts they buy from this brand as well. Barstool really knows how to speak to their audience, and get them hooked. One more thing I really think Barstool is doing a great job in is recruiting social media stars to work for them. These social media stars already have big followings, and love the Barstool brand, so it is a win-win for both of them. Barstool recently has recruited Josh Richards and Brianna Lapaglia to be on a podcast with the president of the company. Both of these social media stars are huge Tiktokers, and this podcast is currently one of the biggest in the world. On top of that, they post clips of the podcast on Tiktok which also generates a lot of buzz for the company and their individual Tiktok accounts. Josh and Brianna are also friends with a bunch of social media stars and bring them onto the podcast as well, bringing even more fans into the Barstool universe. Overall, I truly think this brand is doing a great job with their social media presence in current day media. Every PR move they make is absolutely genius. I genuinely do not know a brand who knows their audience as well as Barstool does.

Senior at Marquette University studying Advertising and Marketing.